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Fragrance is fashion too!

27 Nov

You see, I personally have always wanted to smell like a flower. Finally I find a perfume that captures that, light but slightly spunky sent. Coach’s Poppy Flower Collection is exactly that. Then there is Taylor Swifts new Wonderstruck Enchanted, that smells like vanilla and sunshine, if that makes sense. These are great perfumes and would make for a nice present. 😉


Oh look!

27 Nov

Oh look, we have a Facebook!!! Like us!

One Direction, Take me home.

27 Nov

Who else has listened to 1D’s new album, Take Me Home, a million times??? I have!!! Filled with songs that pull at your emotions like, Little Things, and Over Again. I’ll admit I’ve almost cried. Also packed with songs that make you want to get up and dance! She’s Not Afraid, Heart Attack, and Live While We’re Young, all make me want to get up out of my seat. Then finished up with songs that every album needs, love songs. ❤ My favorite from this album must be, They Don't Know About Us. The boys really bring it with this album, but are we really surprised??? Not at all! This band obviously has the talent, and of course the looks, to win over millions of girls around the world, so why would I be surprised about another amazing album!?! My favorite part about them, other than Zayn's hair, has got to be the fact that just a few years ago they were normal guys! With the talent, amazing story, and great hair, you've definitely won over me!